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We’re finally getting to updating our website and trying to add new content. We’ll be throwing up as many pics as we can of the fun and unique projects we work on. We’ve been super slammed so we’ll try and work through our backlog of projects. To the right you’ll notice a BrainBKT custom printed poly folder. We needed some folders to hand documents to clients, and here at The Bucket we don’t do much “normal.” So we threw the folders on our UV printer, and voila! Custom printed folders. Granted, these are probably way to expensive for the average folder, but compared to having them printed and having to get a minimum of 100 or something, we’re good with it! Hit us up for your odd projects, we’ll see what we can do.

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Tad Feiss founded BrainBKT Design & Sign in 2012. After graduating with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies from Northern Kentucky University in 2011, Tad decided it was time to branch out. He quit his full-time job at a local ski resort to pursue a passion for art and cars. He has been married to an amazing Canadian since 2005 (they met on a ski trip), and has two rambunctious and unruly boys, whom you’ll likely see running around the shop after school, literally. Tad has a tendency to think, not just “outside the box”, but usually rethink the box itself. With a touch of OCD, ADD, and procrastination, he tends to work several projects at a time, until their perfect and almost due. Not much of a morning person, you may drive by late at night and still see the lights on at The Bucket, as he pulls an all-nighter to finish up a project, or 3.
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