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Some text here about the context for the poll

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Tad Feiss founded BrainBKT Design & Sign in 2012. After graduating with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies from Northern Kentucky University in 2011, Tad decided it was time to branch out. He quit his full-time job at a local ski resort to pursue a passion for art and cars. He has been married to an amazing Canadian since 2005 (they met on a ski trip), and has two rambunctious and unruly boys, whom you’ll likely see running around the shop after school, literally. Tad has a tendency to think, not just “outside the box”, but usually rethink the box itself. With a touch of OCD, ADD, and procrastination, he tends to work several projects at a time, until their perfect and almost due. Not much of a morning person, you may drive by late at night and still see the lights on at The Bucket, as he pulls an all-nighter to finish up a project, or 3.
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