BrainBKT (pronounced Brain Bucket) Design & Sign is a company that looks at things a little differently.

The founder, Tad Feiss , grew up skiing in Southeastern Indiana, and lovingly referred to his helmet as his “brain bucket.” So around the time the internet came alive with message boards and forums, he needed a unique “handle.” Brainbucket became his somewhat anonymous online nickname. When it came time to think about a brand, “brainbucket” was unique and staring right back at him from the forum pages. Brainbucket is catchy, unique and once you understand it, sticks with you. So to keep the website short and add yet another layer of uniqueness, he took the vowels and “c” out of bucket and capitalized the remainder, BrainBKT, was born.

A unique name like BrainBKT needs a unique logo. So he went totally literal; a bucket with a brain in it. But not your standard pink brain, nope, how about a green drippy brain? Yep that is pretty different.It also is a nice metaphor when we refer to our shop as “the bucket” and we’re the “brains” in the bucket. Next a wordmark was created using a nice solid serif font for “BRAIN” with slightly smaller “A” and “I” with a bar over the “a” for the long vowel sound. (Tad prefers to use Adobe Illustrator for most projects and AI is short for Adobe Illustrator which is part of the reasoning for calling attention to them, nerd alert!) This text was placed over a heavy san-serif font for “BKT.” This text was then cut up diagonally with thin to thick bars, and a heavy bar was placed between them. Now slap that wordmark on the side of the bucket, and you’ve got a pretty unique looking logo.

Surprisingly, even with the long vowel bar, called a macron, over the “a” many people ask for Brian when they call or visit the shop. It is an easy mistake, and often comical to get solved, but there is no Brian at BrainBKT. It also gets a lot of questions when you’re on the phone and tell someone you’re from BrainBKT Design & Sign. It usually takes a few tries. But once you figure it out and have seen the green brain, you won’t soon forget the Brainbucket!